Executive Board

The Executive Board for Stetson CNAfME is an elected body that runs the day-to-day operations of the organization.

Presley Fiore


Presley Fiore (C/O ’23) is a Junior Music Education Major. She is originally from Coral Springs, Florida. She started her musical journey in sixth grade beginning band where she chose to play the flute. Over the years, she became increasingly devoted to band until she realized that she wanted it to be her career. As she received teaching opportunities in high school, she decided to major in Music Education with the hopes of becoming a band director. At Stetson University, she is a member of the University Symphonic Band, Hatter Band and Pep Band, Symphony Orchestra, Flute Choir, Instruments of Healing, and Stage Crew. She aspires to be a middle school band director after graduation.

Email me: pnfiore@stetson.edu

Ana Koerber

Vice President

Ana Koerber (C/O ’23) is a Junior Music Education Major. She is currently a member of the Stetson School of Music’s Symphonic Band and Percussion Studio, and aspires to be a Middle/High School Band Director. As a future educator, she is driven by being able to provide for others, encouraging students and their potential, and leaving a positive impact on the people around her.

Ana’s goals for CNAFME are to provide resources and professional development opportunities to students and lead them to becoming better and more knowledgeable educators which in turn can help their future students. She also aims to help further CNAFME with its involvement with the community and help to have a greater impact on the schools and students in the Deland area, which she believe to be beneficial to both parties.

Email me: akoerber@stetson.edu

Aidan Dixon


Aidan Dixon (C/O ‘23) is a Junior Music Education Major from West Palm Beach, Fl and has been playing tuba for a little over 9 years. Along with being the Stetson CNAfME’s Secretary, he also is an Assistant Coordinator for FOCUS Orientation and the Virtual Engagement Chair for Hatterthon (Stetson’s Dance Marathon). His goal to teach at either the high school or middle school level and is here to give his all as a member of Stetson CNAfME’s Executive Board.

Email me: aidixion@stetson.edu

Melody Quiroga


Melody Quiroga (C/O 23′) is a Junior and has been studying the flute for 8 years and counting! She has served the past three semesters as a member of the Fundraising Committee and has previously served in the role of Fundraising Committee Chair. Melody is also a member of organizations such as FOCUS and Instruments of Healing. She enjoys working for Stetson’s Community School of Music and the School of Music Admissions Office as well. She is also a proud member of Stetson University’s Symphonic Band and Orchestra. Roll Hats!

Email me: mquiroga@stetson.edu

Dominique Robinson


Dominique Robinson (C/O ’24) is a Sophomore Music Education Major from Tampa,FL. She is involved in Concert Choir, Choral Union, Choral Work Study, and is President of ACDA. She has been in choir since 2nd grade and has wanted to be a teacher ever since. Dominique’s end goal is to teach at the collegiate level as well as get experience in elementary music.

Email me: djrobinson@stetson.edu

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